If you have a popular Facebook page, Twitter account, forum or topical blog, and you know exactly what it is that your audience wants, you too can sell t-shirts and make a bundle of money.

Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for an account with Teespring.
  2. Teespring allows you to make t-shirts and hoodie sweatshirts with your uploaded custom designs and price them at whatever you’d like above the cost, just like every other custom t-shirt company, but unlike all the rest, the site works like Kickstarter. Customers can place an order, but the order will only be fullfilled after the requisite number of t-shirts have been ordered.
  3. Though this at first seems counterintuitive, placing a restriction on the ordering process like this actually helps you to sell more. What’s so special about making people jump through the extra step of waiting for other people to order the same shirt before actually processing the order? Think about it like this: every time someone orders a shirt, they automatically have an incentive to help get other people to order, because if they don’t then they won’t get their t-shirt.
  4. Profit.

(This post was inspired by this one.)

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