Inventing For Over 50 Years

Gordon Boswell has a gift for turning out brilliant ideas. These ideas have kept him working at Masport for 56 years, and he’s still going strong reports

At 83, he has twice been called out of retirement to lend his brain to developing new and improved products.

Most days, he is at the company’s Mt Wellington Highway headquarters, where he develops prototypes for new concepts. It is also where he has worked on lawnmowers, rotary hoes, wood burners, gas stoves and waste disposers.

Americans just love his newly patented self-propelled lawn mower, which is also a chipper mulcher.

Masport is celebrating its centenary and Mr Boswell was a star guest at a staff reunion of 450 at the weekend and a company dinner last night.

“I’m more of an inventor than a designer,” he said. “My thoughts are more towards the practical rather than the exotic … working out how to make it, sorting out a problem, improving something as a result of customer feedback. But you must keep in mind that it has to make a profit so you must be down to earth in how it can be made and what it’s going to cost.”

Photo from Masport

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