Niche: Dirty Shopping Cart Handles

A new study has found that 72% of shopping carts handles have fecal matter on them. As many as 50% of those carts also tested positive for E. coli bacteria. According to the lead researcher from the University of Arizona study, Charles Gerba, “That’s more than you find in a supermarket’s restroom.”

Don’t worry though, where there’s a need, some entrepreneur will fill it.

One such company is Eco CartSafe. They manufacture a self-contained, portable sanitizing system designed to clean grocery shopping carts via a conveyor system that can accommodate up to 150 carts per hour. Their system uses high pressure super hot water and some kind of “

bacteriostatic” spray to protect the carts from fungal, viral and bacterial growth for up to 60 days. They have a turnkey, mobile business opportunity available.

Another company is PureCart Systems. Their system is a push through device that washes carts one at a time as they are returned to the store. Their machine, which looks like an x-ray machine, sprays a fine mist of hydrogen peroxide over the entire surface of the cart.

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