How to Market Fake Vomit

Marketing Fake Vomit

A reader wrote:

I’m struggling in my marketing. I understand that I advertise benefits and not features, but since some of my company’s products are, shall me say, odd, I don’t really know how to do that. Ok, ok, we sell fake vomit and other novelty gags. The products seem to sell themselves when people know about them, so that’s not the problem. The problem is that I don’t want to spend time and money marketing them if I’m doing incorrectly.

Interesting question. I’ve never been asked this question about fake vomit. Although your product offerings are exotic, every company faces the same difficulty when figuring out how to marketing their products correctly.

One of the great questions that I like to ask is this: “What problem does your company you solve?” It’s a great way of explaining your product very succinctly and quickly. And if you struggle to answer this question, customers will struggle to come up with a reason to buy your product.

I’m assuming that you’ve got a great answer to the “what problem” question for your company. But why not start taking this to the extreme and asking this about about every product your range?

Since one of the products your company sells is fake vomit, ask yourself what problem fake vomit solves.

You might come up with:

  • Fake vomit is funny. Real vomit is not.
  • Fake vomit is easier to clean up than real vomit.

Both of these “solutions” could become the basis for your marketing, but I’m sure that since you know your industry better than I do, you’ll be even better at figuring out which problems it solves.

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