How Not To Market Your Cleaning Service: Breaking And Entering

She wasn’t robbing the place, just doing some unorthodox marketing:

Westlake police now have a woman in custody they said is the “cleaning fairy” burglar.

According to the Westlake Police Department, Elyria police officers stopped the 53-year-old woman Tuesday night.

The so-called “cleaning fairy” burglar is currently in jail, but she has not yet been charged.

Police said the woman dubbed a real-life “cleaning fairy” broke into a house last week and a left a bill for the housework she did. According to police, the woman entered the Dover Center Road residence while homeowner Mallory Bush slept, did some light cleaning and left a bill for $75 on a napkin before leaving.

Unfortunately for the “cleaning fairy,” crime doesn’t pay.

Photo by Regissercom/ShutterStock.

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