Niche Biz: Daily Supplements for Dogs

More than half of Americans take a daily supplement- so it makes sense the business of preventive medicine has expanded to cover all members of the family- even the dog!

K9-GH is the first daily supplement for dogs designed to extend the quantity and quality of life! It is already receiving rave reviews from pet owners across the country.

K9-GH works by kick starting growth hormone production in the pituitary gland, which is lost as humans and dogs age. The results are increased energy, joint improvement, increased muscle strength, loss in body fat, ability to heal faster, better digestion and breathing.

Dr. Richard Marsh, a physician experienced in animal physiology began developing K9-GH in 1998 with the idea that hGH had proven anti-aging results for humans, why not for animals as well. With the help of Thomas Ali, years of work, formulas and tests, all natural K9-GH was released last year and the feedback has been nothing short of incredible.

K9-GH also has a business opportunity:

With STNPCO you are truly a “direct sales” to customer affiliate and will profit from each and every sale, and yes, including all re-order’s for the lifetime of your customer! So weather you are a Veterinarian, pet boutique, or simply an enterprising individual looking for income in today’s struggling economy, we welcome you to the STNPCO Business Opportunity Affiliate Program!

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