I just received this email, and though we’ve linked to an article about them before, I’m a sucker for good stories:

I’m a student intern at a new Philadelphia startup called EmbraceHearing. We’re changing a stagnant (and classically “unsexy” hearing aid market) with our unique approach to web-based purchasing and customer service. Unfortunately, as you may know, hearing aids are very expensive and a financial hardship for many who need but cannot purchase or replace them. We provide the opportunity for people to buy high-quality hearing aids from a well-regarded German manufacturer without excessive audiologist markups. Consumers can receive initial screening from a medical professional, purchase hearing aids from us online, and then receive follow-up care on a per-need basis from us or from an audiologist without costly bundled audiologist services. We believe your readers may be interested in a story that combines tech, entrepreneurship, and a fresh approach to an otherwise forgotten issue.