Marketing to kids has drastically changed with the advent of new technologies. According to USA Today, the children’s market has become a $1.12 trillion dollar industry, making this sector a profitable arena for many companies to tackle. Moreover, according to kid marketing consultant James McNeal, “Up to age 16, kids are determining most expenditures in the household. This is very attractive to marketers.” With so much money on the line, how can businesses target this demographic?

Twenty years ago, marketing to kids was much more direct. Ads were placed on cereal boxes or interspersed between child cartoons, and parents could largely control what their children were exposed to. The Internet has completely changed these methods, as tablets and computer desktops are common staples in the rooms of many kids starting as early as five years old.” A site called Webkinz offers children virtual cash when ads are clicked, improving the click-through rate for companies behind these promotions. While this method, among others, has given rise to debate, you can’t argue with results.”

Companies must acknowledge the prevalence of the Internet and technology in a child’s life and adjust their products accordingly.