Student Makes Money With Stories

Mississippi State University:

Overbey combines a passion for storytelling with an interest in video games and online community to create an entertainment niche that pays for his MBA. His YouTube channel has more than 65,000 subscribers and more than 6 million combined viewers of his productions.

In 2011, his video-based income exceeded $40,000. However, money isn’t the only factor that motivates the 24-year-old to keep recording, editing and posting online.

Now, having generated a video-based income for about two years, he’s decided to devote full-time energies to his online audience as he finishes the MSU degree program.

He said the videos range in topics from personal dream narratives to slapstick conversations between him and Ozy, his Shiba Inu, to personal commentaries on cultural issues. Several videos feature him and Ozy–who sometimes also appears in a hot dog costume and is voiced by an online acquaintance via Skype–arguing about videogame strategies.

“A lot of it is lowbrow and slapstick,” he said, smiling. “But it’s lots of fun.”

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