Finding Loose Diamonds for Sale


We all know that the women in our lives love diamonds, but the cost of diamond jewellery is not a luxury that we can all afford. If you are looking to purchase some diamond jewellery for that special person in your life, then why not buy your own real diamonds and precious metals, and have a goldsmith make one for you?

A Jeweller’s Mark-Up

It surprises a lot of people when they get their jewellery appraised in order to sell, the price they would be offered by a jeweller or pawn broker, is going to be considerably less than the insurance appraisal. The insurance appraisal covers you for the cost that you paid for the jewellery, which includes the jewellers mark-up. When you go to resell this on, you are most likely only going to be offered the scrap value for the precious stones and metals, which is going to be considerably less than you paid for it. So in order to avoid the full extent of the jewellers mark-up, you can purchase your own precious metals and stones, and commission them to design the jewellery for you. Although you will stay pay for the craftsmanship, which is going to be more than the scrap value of the stones and metals, it will still be cheaper than buying the finished product from a jeweller.

Wholesale Loose Diamonds for Sale

A quick search of the internet will return plenty of different companies that offer wholesale loose diamonds for sale, so you will need to make sure that you only use the services of a reputable company. You will want to make sure that you only buy GIA certified diamonds, from a reputable dealer, and a good way to work through the list thrown up by your search of the internet is to look for reviews and accounts by people on forums and websites, about their dealings with the companies in question. This is a great way to get the first-hand experience of people who have dealt with the various companies that you are scrutinising. Also check the company’s membership and affiliation with trade associations within the jewellery industry, which can easily be checked using the internet. This should help to narrow down the field, and help you choose a quality business to purchase your loose diamonds from.

Choosing a Goldsmith

There are many highly skilled craftsmen out there that can be easily found on the internet, who will be able to make you exquisite pieces of jewellery. Most will also be able to supply the precious metals for your design, at the market price dictated by the market. The more elaborate and intricate the design, the more it is going to cost. Compare different goldsmiths and ask to see examples of their work, before committing to choosing one. The overall cost of the finished jewellery is going to be more than the cost of the metals and stones, as you do need to pay for the skill of the artisan and their craftsmanship. However, this price is still going to be significantly cheaper than buying the finished product from a jeweller. Another great benefit of having your own jewellery created is that you can have something designed and made, which is going to be totally different. As it is unique, there will not be another one like it in the world. This is a fabulous way of making that special person in your life feel even more special!

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