The next time you feel like running out to buy some ice cream, Fruitfull® might change your mind. A product that is offered by Happy and Healthy Products, Inc., this frozen fruit bar offers real fruit chunks frozen within each one.

They don’t stop at their delicious line of frozen fruit bars, they also franchise their business as an opportunity for those interested in making money with their unique products. Working out of your home, you take on wholesale accounts so that you can sell their product within stores or at events for a profit. Storage isn’t even a problem, since it will be stored at a local cold storage facility year round.

Franchisees are trained in how to set up and work their wholesale accounts while also being taught how to go out and find some accounts on their own. Of course, many franchisees also work retail by using a fruitfull® cart and selling the frozen fruit bars at outdoor events. It’s a great way to get out, meet new people, and still make an income!

They currently offer 4 different buy in levels for those interested in taking the next step into franchising.

Level 1

This level is the Retail Only franchise. This level includes one Fruitfull® freezer, one pallet of Fruitfull® and one watermelon cart.

Level 2

This is the Standard Wholesale/Retail Level franchise. This includes 10 Fruitfull® freezers, 2 pallets of Fruitfull®, and one week of field/marketing training. This option also comes with 15-20 wholesale accounts.

Level 3

Level 3 is the Grand Wholesale/Retail Level franchise. This is an expanded version of Level 2 with 20 custom Fruitfull® freezers, 2 pallets of Fruitfull®, and 2 weeks of field/marketing training. Unlike level 2, this one comes with 30-40 wholesale accounts.

Level 4

At the final level, it is important that you are ready for a full-time business or even a business partner. This option is the largest and offers the most benefits for the price. This level is called the Super Grand Wholesale/Retail Level franchise. This option comes with 30 custom Fruitfull® freezers, 3 pallets of Fruitfull®, and 2 weeks of field/marketing training. Just like Level 3, you will also receive 30-40 wholesale accounts.

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