Taking Eco-Friendly Steps In The Nursery

When Kathleen Raulin was trying to find soybean fiber blankets for her son, she came up empty handed. So, she started a business selling blankets using the material.

In 2004, the new mom had stumbled upon an article about the eco-friendly benefits of the textile.

Unlike traditional fabrics, soybean and bamboo fibers also have hypo-allergenic properties and are resistant to certain types of bacteria, she read.

“I thought, ‘I want something like this now,’” the 41-year-old Moorpark resident said. “I started doing research about where I could get it or how I could get it made.”

But when Raulin visited nearby shops and asked her friends, nobody seemed to have heard of soybean or bamboo blankets. She also saw found few stores that offered environmentally-friendly baby products.

That’s when Raulin came up with her big idea. She decided to get the blankets manufactured herself. She also began toying with the idea of starting her own business so she could make the blankets available to other moms.

Today, Lotus Bebe offers wholesale “eco-luxurious” soybean and bamboo baby blankets at various boutiques and shops and on Amazon.com, Raulin said.

Photo from Lotus Bebe

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