It works for instant mixes, so why not for pet waste removal?

Steve Rhodes has created a device that mades pet waste removal easy and fast reports The Oregonian.

[It is called] the SaniPet. It’s a bottomless plastic container the pet owner buries in the ground. Much like in an existing product, the Doggie Dooley, the pet waste goes in the container and is mixed with enzymes that break down the waste so it can disappear into the soil below.

But Rhodes added an innovation to the process by using a simple, but seemingly crucial, axiom: Just add water.

The SaniPet’s lid has a fitting for a garden hose equipped with a sweeper nozzle, which accelerates the flow from the hose. The pet owner just needs to attach and run the hose periodically. The resulting wet blast churns and oxygenates the waste/enzyme mixture inside the container, which Rhodes says greatly speeds up the decomposition process and guarantees that the container not fill up from the by-products of, say, a very large dog.

The product is sanitary and environmentally sound, Rhodes says, as long as it’s not buried within 20 feet of a stream or in an area prone to flooding.

Images from SaniPet

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