OnCell is a company that can help you create interactive self-guided cell phone tours. They serve museums, historic sites, parks, zoos, and other venues where people gather to be entertained and educated.

OnCell provides the technology to create interactive audio tours for cell phones & smartphones. Let your visitors listen and learn at their own pace. Upload audio through your computer or over the phone!

Develop and customize your cell phone tour through OnCell’s industry-leading web platform, MyOnCell. Listen to sample tours by dialing our demo line: (585) 419-9744!

Cell Phone Tour Features

  • Free trial available
  • Content is delivered to your visitor’s cell phone
  • No equipment purchases are necessary
  • Your content can be recorded over the phone or uploaded via your PC
  • Tour line can be a local phone number
  • A web interface provides administrative access to your tour
  • 24/7 real-time statistics provide management data
  • Visitor interpretation line records sound bites on your exhibits
  • Activity alerts to know you have new data
  • Tour content can be repurposed for podcasts / downloadable MP3
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Built-In Sign Generator
  • Summary and detail levels of content supported
  • Client Account Manager (CAM) is assigned to help you build and launch your tour
  • Marketing Assistance
  • 24/7 support
  • Industry-leading value
  • Affordable pricing / seasonal pricing available
  • Unlimited total calls to audio tour, Smartphone audio streaming, Mp3 Downloads and audio content storage space
  • Streaming Audio & Video to Smartphones
  • myoncell.mobi (mobile web link for all tours and compatible with Smartphones)

Prices for cell phone tours are $125 per month.

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