Average guy, George Brown, used to move furniture for a living until he stumbled upon a way to build a small fortune. George used a company called Clickbank in Utah to help him setup an online business with no startup fees or monthly fees. In a period of 60-days, George was able to quit his job moving furniture and focus his efforts into being an online entrepreneur. George has released a new system of training that is designed to help business owners and other entrepreneurs use the same blueprint he used to earn a recurring monthly income that now totals into the millions of dollars. The video series is available from the Internet Marketing for Small Businesses website [at this link.

The Small Business Administration releases annual reports that survey the amount of new businesses created in the U.S. The most recent data reveals a sharp increase in the number of entrepreneurs that are starting an online business. One of the benefits of starting a business online is the little to no startup costs that are required. Companies like Clickbank offer one of the easiest methods to start a business. Clickbank is a digital products retailer that allows entrepreneurs to promote products and services created by others to create a product that can be sold by hundreds of thousands of affiliates.

According to the Internet Marketing for Small Businesses website, this is the very foundation that millionaire George Brown used to build his online business.

The e-commerce boom that started in 1997 continues this day according to retail sales and research data. The number of consumers that search for services and products online has doubled from 2002 to 2012.

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