Food Trucks Do Weddings and More


Street sales aren’t the only source of revenue for the gourmet food trucks that have taken the city by storm in a few years. Some are deriving as much as half of their income from catering and rentals.

They cater everything from weddings to bar mitzvahs to movie and television crews filming on the street. Food trucks also are being hired by businesses to woo corporate clients.

Some are even papered over with ads to promote products ranging from Coach bags to airlines to corporate food chains.

“We have a major company that is looking to us to promote their brand,” said Grant Di Mille, president and co-founder of Sweetery, which has three trucks. “How interesting is that? That a company with 250-plus retail locations, a multimillion-dollar company, is coming to us to promote their brand.”

Photo by ross.grady.

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