From trips to the veterinarian and the groomer to the regular restocking of kibble, man’s best friend is a lot of work.

PetRide Halifax aims to lighten the load. The pet-friendly business, founded by Cole Harbour resident Perry Falconer, offers three services for busy and travelling pet owners.

Falconer said he had a light-bulb moment when his own dog, Ozzy, suffered two broken legs this winter.

Three weeks later, after dozens of appointments and many kilometres, it dawned on Falconer that not everyone had the time or ability to ferry their pets back and forth to appointments, especially since most are during the workday.

“We were going to appointments in Cole Harbour, Tantallon and in Burnside,” Falconer said Monday. “There was so much travelling around… I knew for some people it would be impossible to get the time off work or find people to help.

“I wasn’t working at the time and I was looking for a way to work for myself.”