It’s no secret that every business seeks to boost employee productivity, especially during periods of economic uncertainty where redundancies and the downsizing of an operation are a real threat.

While economic factors affecting your business are often unavoidable, it’s important to recognise when your employees’ morale is fading faster than a cheap shirt in the rain.

After all, the last thing your company needs is a workforce slumped at their desks, brows permanently furrowed and containing all the get-up-and-go of a sloth with a hangover.

Waning morale is easy to spot, though.

Telltale signs such as increased absenteeism, time wasting and spreading rumours are all indicative of an employee whose interest in their vocation is rapidly diminishing.

But help is at hand.

Rather than cracking the whip by bawling and shouting like a demented army officer, there are a variety of aesthetical changes and management practices you can implement in the workplace.

Find out more below …

Grab Some Greenery

Ever heard of the biophilia hypothesis? If you haven’t, it suggests that our connection and love of nature extends to the workplace. This is backed up by research that tells us interior plants play a pivotal role in providing a pleasant and tranquil environment in which to work.

Importantly, while we’re certainly not at work to kick back and relax, office plants have been shown to reduce staff sickness and increase productivity. Not only that, but they help reduce noise, improve your visitors’ perceptions and reduce dust levels in the work environment.

Offer Significant Feedback

The ability to offer meaningful feedback to your employees is what separates the good managers from the bad. Quite simply, providing regular pointers as to an employee’s performance – in an encouraging rather than discouraging manner – is fundamental to effectual management.

It’s obvious that feedback for unmotivated employees is unlikely to be favourable to begin with, but encouragement from the management team, ensuring fears are allayed and ambitions are realised, will go a long way to boosting productivity.

Unleash Your Emotions

Far from encouraging you to hug and kiss your employees for a job well done (that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen, my friend), it’s important that recognition and praise, where it’s warranted, are not withheld.

Indeed, a recent study has shown that 70 per cent of workers DON’T need monetary rewards to feel motivated, with 83 per cent claiming recognition for contributions is more fulfilling than any rewards or gifts.