alternaVites: Pixie Stick Vitamins


Entrepreneur Hallie Rich responded to the growing health trend that’s sweeping the nation – supplementation and vitamins. In a time when so many categories are seeing sales decline, use of dietary supplements continues to show strong growth!

Hallie is the third generation in the vitamin industry family. She created her company, alternaVites, in response to her own issues with swallowing vitamins. alternaVites are unique vitamins that melt on your tongue- no water needed. Hallie Rich is one of 100 million Americans who have difficulty swallowing pills and was determined to find a solution!

alternaVites and alternaVites Kids are high quality vitamin powders that the can be taken on the go, pour on their tongue and ingest without water and can be eaten on its own or sprinkled into yogurt, puddings or smoothies. They are like a pixie stick but provide 23 essential vitamins in a delicious crystal powder.

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