Pans Labyrinth Poster

The Guardian

If your idea of edgy cinema snacking is mixing sweet and salty popcorn in the same carton, look away now. If you’re an arthouse purist who thinks the auditorium is no place for a competing soundtrack of rustly packaging and wet mastication, definitely look away now. For hot on the heels of 4D, scratch & sniff and dress-up cinema comes the latest immersive cinematic experience, and this time it’s comestible.

Last Sunday, the Electric Cinema in London’s Notting Hill screened Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth for a sold-out edible cinema night. The concept is simple. Harness the power of taste, smell and texture to create a more evocative cinema experience. In your seat, you find a tray of numbered cups and parcels. During the screening, in the style of a dolly bird parading the scores at a boxing match, an usherette holds up corresponding numbers indicating what to open when. It’s good fun and went down a storm with the (estimated at least 50% hipster) audience.