Badpreneuer: How One Guy Failed 10 Times

If you think you’ve had your fair share of failures and bad luck in life then think again as you meet Simon Jameson – an entrepreneur that has not only failed once in business, but 10 times.

“I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” – Thomas A.Edison

Launched this week, Badpreneuer is his story; which details his journey of business failure. Although it sounds grim Simon’s story is actually quite inspiring as he refuses to give into failure and actually makes a lot of money and mini successes along the way – only to lose it all on the next venture.

Simon decided to publish his book after he started getting speaking engagements on the topic of failure and he is now turning his story of failure into something of a success. It’s true that the current press is full of doom and gloom stories and even though Simon’s story is essentially one of failure, there is a common message that runs through his book; and that is “don’t give up”.

Simon Jameson, 30, says: “I think the press and the TV programs such as Dragons Den tell a story that business is easy – it’s good to focus on success but at the same time we should also be encouraging people to just get their ideas out there and that if they fail – then it’s fine, its ok. Failure is not fatal and the lessons learned can carry you onto your next successful project.”

“Ok I might have failed 10 times but I will still keep going. I have a new venture planned for 2012 that I am working on right now and if that goes belly up I shall stick it in my next book!”

Simon continues: “It’s not what happens to us – it’s how we respond. It’s our ‘response-ability’ that counts. I see my past only as a relevant learning resource for my present and future. I hate the UK business attitude towards failure – as long as you manage the risks, you can test and fail cheaply – not on purpose, but as a matter of market research.”

From Simon’s book you can clearly see he can sell and get the money in but his problems came out of growth, sustainability and dealings with rogues. His business empire which spanned over 15 years included mobile phone repairs, recruitment, a disco business, management consultancy, a cleaning business, web design business, a mobile technology company, asset protection business, equipment export company and he even delved in a pornography business.

Simon has self-published his book noting that he didn’t even waste his time with publishers and he has priced his book at just $1 to encourage every entrepreneur to read about his journey so far in business and realize they are not alone in their failures. The book is available on the Kindle from Amazon.

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