Hands-On Garage: A Do-It-Yourself Garage

Hands-On Garage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a do-it-yourself auto repair garage. People can rent their indoor bays and repair their own cars using Hands-On Garage’s tools.

The really interesting part of the business to me, is that Hands-On Garage sells a business opportunity to local mechanics called “Fleet Crew Mechanics”:

Fleet Crew Members are independent mechanics using the Hands-On Garage facility as their base of operations. These independent mechanics have completed an extensive training program at Hands-On Garage to become your personal mechanic. For the privilege of operating at the Hands-On Garage and owning their own Fleet Crew Member business, they are bound by specific rules of operation which create a trustworthy, hardworking, and fair environment. Their performance is monitored by us through your feedback to meet high standards and those high standards are passed on to you and other clients.

Hands-On Garage

Thanks for the tip y0mbo.

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