In Los Angeles there’s a hair salon that doesn’t cut hair. Instead, they only wash, blow dry and style your hair. All for $35. Is this a industry that the recession has created as it’s driven demand for lower priced alternatives to traditional services, or is this something else entirely?

It’s a familiar tale: the special night out looms, and while the carefully selected dress and statement accessories inspire excitement, the hair options (pay through the nose at a chic salon, or grin-and-bear the corner snip ’n save) fall as flat as your self-styled tresses would. Enter Dry Bar. Located in the yummy mummy Brentwood area of Los Angeles, Dry Bar provides women with quick, beautiful blowouts [blow dry and style] in a cool setting, all for an affordable price: each blowout is just $35.

“It’s a simple concept,” says co-owner Michael Landau, who partnered with his sister Alli Webb to launch Dry Bar earlier this month. “No cuts, no color: just blowouts. We recognized there was a hole in the market. Webb’s clients were going to very high-end salons and paying $60, $80, $100 for blowouts, or the other options were those not so desirable in-and-out salons. We said, If we can build a beautiful environment, a place where people would want to hang out and meet their friends, and if we can charge discount rates, we can bring affordable luxury to the market.”

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