Cheryl Brady, owner of Vet Care Express, said she founded the Bradenton business in November because there was a big need for emergency transportation for sick and injured animals, reports

After helping a friend who had run over a dog, Brady began to wonder what she would have done if the animal had survived and needed emergency care. She remembered a business plan she’d written in a women’s studies course in college for an emergency veterinarian transport.

“Literally light bulbs started going off,” Brady said.

In late 2009, she left her job, purchased a roomy, white van branded with Vet Care Express logos and emergency supplies such as a stretcher and transport cages.

Brady has transported about 50 patients in both emergency and non-emergency situations since she began taking patients in November. She also provides lessons on cat and dog CPR.

“I really think this is what I’m supposed to be doing,” she said. “It’s really been rewarding.”

With 40,000 registered pets in Manatee County and 60,000 registered pets in Sarasota County, one in three will have an emergency this year. This is a huge need and should provide more than enough business to keep her going, Brady said.

The only problem?

“People don’t know it exists,” she said, noting that she has spoken to many veterinarians in the area and is beginning to receive referral business from them.

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