School Of Music recruits and qualifies music teachers and then provides music lessons in students’ homes, teachers’ home studios, after school programs, and community facilities. They are the largest private employer of music teachers in Indiana, and now they’re expanding their program across the United States and Canada. They are looking for local licensees to help with their proven business model.

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This turnkey opportunity offers two income streams:

  • One is largely passive and consists of promoting online locally. For that, you’ll receive e 10% of the lesson revenue generated by teachers in your city with only about 15 minutes of work a day by providing local support and posting information about in your community. They will customize, host, and maintain the websites for your city.
  • The other involves actively promoting school programs and programs in community facilities.

For SchoolofMusic to grow, they need a local presence in every single community. Their ability to expand is limited by advertising restrictions on Google Maps, Craigslist, Yahoo Local,, Bing,, and other websites that require a local addresses before posting. As a local affiliate, you will be able to advertise for free on these and other local websites while they provide the services necessary for your success.

The opportunity requires an annual investment of $350. They are so confident of your success that they guarantee a refund at the end of the first year if you follow their guidelines and are dissatisfied with the results.

The bottom line is, provides you with the opportunity to derive income with a minimal investment of time and money.

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Income opportunities for the local licensee include:

  1. Music Lessons. You will receive 10% of lesson income generated in your city. Most music students take lessons for a few years so the residual income would be continuous.
  2. Retail. They will include Google Adsense, affiliate programs, and/or advertising for local businesses in your section of the website. In addition to a mall page for your city, ads will be placed on most of the other pages for your city. We expect you to easily earn your annual fee, and more, with advertising.
  3. Instrument rentals. They currently offer rental instruments through a third party vendor. You will receive the full commission for instruments rented through the local website.

You will:

  • provide a local address for
  • place ads consistently in your local community and on online sites
  • promote programs to local schools (optional)
  • arrange programs in community facilities (optional)
  • arranging local recitals (optional, income opportunity)
  • other local networking (optional) provides:

  • criminal background checks for all teachers
  • reference checks for all teachers
  • multiple websites for use by the local affiliate
  • teacher interviews by a qualified music education placement director
  • workmen’s compensation (required in all states for employees and subcontractors)
  • a $1,000,000 liability policy (required by most school and community facilities)
  • brochures
  • a placement director and student services director available by phone or email six days a week
  • billing and collection of tuition fees
  • payroll for teachers (twice monthly)
  • ongoing advice for existing students and their parents
  • toll free numbers

If you like children and music, or just want to start a small business that doesn’t require a large time commitment, might be just what you’re looking for. Visit their website, call 800-270-0512 or email [email protected] more information.

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