July 2014

2D Glasses!

Does your spouse love to watch 3D movies at the movie theater? Do they give you a headache? Hank Green loves 3D movies. Unfortunately, his wife does not. In fact, she’d get a headache each time they went. He didn’t want his wife to be in pain, but he also didn’t want to give up

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He’s a Craigslist Scavenger

In this post on the Priceonomics Blog, Ryan Finlay recounts his business: Craigslist scavenger. The scrap yard’s electromagnetic steel excavator picked up my two steel die cast molds and put them on the scale. 1,240 pounds of steel! That meant $179.80 in my wallet for an hour of work. Not bad considering I picked them

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Hospice Service for Pets

A Connecticut woman has started a mobile hospice service for pets the The Stamford Times reports: For pet owners, saying goodbye is one of the hardest things to do, but Stamford resident Mary Craig says her new mobile veterinary hospice service makes saying farewell a bit easier. “I have heard from many pet owners that

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Pet Therapy For Kids

A children’s hospital in US has developed a new “pet therapy” under which a golden retriever dog visits patients in intensive care to cheer them up. The eight-year-old dog, Jake, visited the Le Bonheur Children’s hospital in Tennessee, and met a six-year-old patient Alex Gosa as a part of the hospital’s new Pet Therapy scheme.

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These Business People Are Obsessively Good at What They Do

There’s a difference between someone who starts a business because they’ve found a profitable business idea, and business people who are absolutely driven, compelled even, to create the very best product possible. Have you seen the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi? It is a documentary about sushi master Jiro Ono. His tiny, out of the

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Gravestone Technology

Although 40% of American chose to be cremated when they die (and the number continues to grow), there is still a substantial gravestone business. The Atlantic has put together an incredibly interesting profile of the different businesses and their technology in the headstone biz. The industry’s pace of change has accelerated, and especially for this

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