From Comedy To Diaper Bags For Mompreneur

The Huffington Post:

Leslie Newton utilized her experience as a frustrated actor writing and performing sketch comedy and improv at the renowned Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles to help her through the challenge of entering the extremely competitive world of fashion with absolutely no experience.

One day in 1999 she cobbled together a handbag for herself from her own collection of vintage fabric and began to carry it around. She quickly received compliments from people just passing her on the street. This immediately woke up her entrepreneurial spirit. “I couldn’t believe the response I received from strangers asking me where I bought it. They would ask me to make one for them, give me their address and $25 and I would sew one up.”

This simple but eye catching fabric bag was the beginning of her transition from comedy to entrepreneur. That one bag led to her company Timi & Leslie, now known for revolutionizing the diaper bag industry.

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