Within graduate education, the Master of Business Administration, or MBA, helps thousands of students reach their full professional potential. Although many workers can seek promotions in-house and reach for top jobs in the marketplace, the MBA helps the worker stand out among peers.

Like most master’s graduate programs, the MBA is a two-year program for candidates that have a baccalaureate degree. Unlike other programs, most MBA programs require that their applicants show that they have some work experience after undergraduate college. This allows the MBA program to supplement theoretical foundations in business with the experiences the workers already have in the professional world.

MBA programs are divided into different majors that are typical in business schools. Students can enroll in subjects as diverse as accounting, information management or marketing. Within these majors and their classes, students will enhance their leadership skills and their managerial potential through course seminars and business projects. In addition, the students will learn new insights related to the business sector, such as global business interactions, business ethics and the latest technology that can enhance business efficiency.

The only issue with many MBA programs is that they seem out of reach for many students. Since many people applying for an MBA program are working adults, they may not have the appropriate amount of time to enroll in an MBA program and dedicate their lives to finishing the program. This is where an online MBA program comes in.

Online programs are when schools offer the option to enroll online to accepted applicants to a graduate program. On a practical level, qualified candidates can enroll in the online program and are allowed to access an online portal. In this online portal, they can directly communicate with the professor and their fellow students. The student can then listen or watch lectures by the professor, have access to reading materials, participate in discussions and even take tests and pass in papers for the class. With no set times, besides assignment due dates, or geographic location, students anywhere can be enrolled in the program and take the classes at their own pace within their time schedule.

The online programs, like Washington State’s online MBA, help thousands of students across the world have access to an education that caters to their schedule. People do not need to hold themselves back professionally any longer by thinking they cannot access a MBA program.