Lock-A-Bye Your Bag From Thieves

Any woman who has worried about theft in a public place will appreciate the features outlined on a Lock-A-Bye handbag. From the locking zipper to the handle releasable handle that will allow you to hook your bag to anything, the chances of having important items stolen is greatly decreased. For anyone that wonders why a thief wouldn’t just cut the purse, the material is also slash resistant. Of course, that is not the only thing that makes their bags great. They are also fashionable enough for every day use.

The bag was designed by three innovative women with a need for security: Ann, Mary, and Kathy. By combining all of the security features they felt were the most important and giving them a fashionable appearance, they have created a new generation of handbag that any woman would love to own.

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I recently had the opportunity to ask one of the sisters, Kathy, a few questions about the business and their unique bags.

Tell us a little about Lock-A-Bye.

The Lock-A-Bye is a beautifully crafted, fully secured Tote Bag that’s great for the workplace, great to take on vacation, great to take anywhere! The Lock-A-Bye is truly unique in that it allows you to secure your personal possessions while you work, exercise, enjoy surf, sun, or other activities. Wherever you may go or whatever you do, the Lock-A-Bye provides peace of mind and protection. The Lock-A-Bye is a slash resistant Tote Bag that has a key operated, patented dual locking mechanism that allows you to lock the zipper. For added security, the Lock-A-Bye also has a cable sewn throughout the bag and within the shoulder strap. The handle is designed to release from the locking mechanism allowing the bag to be secured to any stationary object. It effectively makes both the contents of the bag and the bag itself, theft resistant! In addition to all its security features, the Lock-A-Bye is also water and stain resistant.

What inspired it?

My sisters and I vacation together throughout the year. We enjoy swimming, snorkeling and other beach activities but found ourselves always facing the same dilemma……… Somebody always had to stay behind and watch “the bags”! We noticed that everyone from honeymooners to families shared the same problem. So like most inventions, our idea was conceived by necessity. We created the Lock-A-Bye, a fashionable Tote Bag that we could secure and lock to our beach chairs, allowing us to enjoy activities together. The Lock-A-Bye has proven to be invaluable in our daily lives, too. Whether we’re working out, grocery shopping or coaching local sports teams, we can just lock it, and say “good-bye.”

What are some of your standout features?

As stated above the Lock-A-Bye is water, stain and slash resistant. The patented dual locking mechanism allows the zipper to be locked and the releaseable handle allows you to secure your bag to anything. Some of the other features included in the bag are: several pockets throughout including a convenient cell phone pocket; key clip – corrosion and rust resistant stainless steel key clip attaches easily to belt loops, bathing suit clips, key rings and much more; wristband – zippered wristband pouch with stretchy comfort fit, securing your Lock-A-Bye key and 2 keys – 1 for everyday use and 1 to keep in a safe place.

How does it work?

Simply insert the key into the locking mechanism allowing the thumbturn to pop up. Turn the thumbturn to release the handle. Wrap the handle around the desired object, zip up the zipper and depress the thumbturn thereby locking the zipper and locking the handle…take your key and off you go!

How many different patterns do your tote and beach bags come in? How much do they cost?

There are 5 different patterns of the tote which include four (4) fashion designs and basic black. The introductory cost of the Tote Bag is $149.95.

Do you have any plans to add new styles or features in the near future?

We have about 14 lines that we are working on which include a laptop bag, backpack and sports duffel.

What are some goals that you would still like to accomplish?

The goal on the forefront of our organization is: Branding, branding, branding. Getting your name out there is hard enough but coupled with a brand new invention never seen before in the market place is a challenge. We have a high quality product, great technology and it solves a problem for so many people. Choosing a marketing strategy to reach our potential customers can be overwhelming!

What are some lessons that your business has taught you?

One lesson would have to be more realistic: Business Planning. We thought that we would be able to launch new lines more quickly. We have about 14 lines of bags that we are planning on using the patented dual locking mechanism technology and we thought that we could produce a line every 3-5 months. After going through the development, design and manufacturing process on our Tote Bag line, we found that it would take at least 9-12 months to produce. We have learned what it takes to develop a new product and have made adjustments in our projections.

Do you have any advice that you’d like to offer fellow entrepreneurs that are just getting started?

Don’t give up! No matter how many road blocks are thrown your way, stay positive and determined and believe in yourself and your product!

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