You can’t deny that pets are big business. In 2010 Americans spent more than 10 billion dollars on little fury four-legged child-replacements.

One company that is profiting from this trend is They are a Autstin, Texas based pet relocation company. The company provides provides door-to-door pet transportation services for people relocating with their pets.

First off, why would you use a service to move your pet? Have you ever travelled with a child who get’s car sick every fifteen minutes or so? At least he can tell you to pull over. Fido can’t.

How it works: A security-screened drive pick up your pet at your home and then transport him to the airport in a climate controlled vehicle, where the animals will be given a going over by a veterinarian and offered a pre-flight treat. Once at the airport, will check your pet into his pet friendly flight and handle any customs paperwork for pet’s relocating out of the country.

After the flight, your pet will be boarded, quarantined if required, and groomed, after which he will be delivered to your new front door in a climate controlled pet transporter (van).

Domestic moves start about $1000 and go up depending on the options you wouldn’t expect Fido or Fifi to live without. International moves start at $2500.

According to the company, your pet moving expenses are a tax-deductible relocation expense when your relocation and move is for purposes of a change of employment.