The Return Of The Bike Shop

Every time the price of gas spikes, so does everyones interest in bicycling instead of driving. The Commercial Appeal reports that a company dedicated to the great outdoors, Outdoors Inc., is ready to prove to the world that cycling is back in Memphis by starting a bicycle shop in their town. Is this an opportunity your town would benefit from?

“The Greenline has brought a lot of attention to cycling, but Memphis has had a very strong bike culture for a long time,” said Royer, who co-owns Outdoors Inc. with Lawrence Migliara.

“A lot of people are hearing about it in the last two years, in particular our political leaders. But Memphis is not just coming on the market with bikes. It’s had at least a 50-year bike culture.”

Senior manager Robin Kendall, who will manage the new building, said that while the East Memphis store sold bikes occasionally, there was not enough space in the existing store. Customers, she said have been clamoring daily for more bike products and services.

Photo by Mark Hillary

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