Adam Pauze is one of those people.

Two years ago, after taking a chunk out of his arm while trying to cut drywall, he came up with the plans for an all-in-one tool that includes a utility knife, measuring tape and pencil.

“Anyone who has cut drywall before knows that you can easily cut a four-foot piece with a square (tool), but an eight-foot is much more difficult, holding a knife in one hand and a measuring tape in the other,” the 20-year veteran of the trade said. “I have never invented anything before, but I thought this was a winner right away.”

The Drywall Axe will be an indispensable tool for years to come, Mr. Pauze said.

“I was in Home Depot showing a bunch of people the tool and they all loved it,” he said. “Unfortunately, a staff member told me I wasn’t allowed to be doing that and kicked me out of the store.”

Mr. Pauze won a Gold Medal of Merit for his display at the Inpex Trade Show in Pittsburgh in May and has four companies interested in licensing the Drywall Axe.

Photo by Andrew Malone