Inventors Gone Mad

The Augusta Chronicle:

Mad Scientists features amateur inventors, weekend scientists and eccentric engineers who make outrageous “toys” out of everyday products, according to a news release. During the show, host John Bowler challenges them to improve their original invention within 48 hours.

Krug, the owner of Krug Technologies LLC by day, said he’s always out in his garage tinkering with items in his spare time. Among his inventions, Krug has transformed his minivan into a jet-powered drag racer.

“I’ve always been creative with mechanical things,” Krug said. “It started ever since I was little. My dad had a business buying and selling used cars, and some of the cars he would take to the junkyard. I would go to the junkyard with him, and people would be throwing out all kinds of interesting things. To this day, I have fun going into the junkyard and finding things people have thrown away and getting them working again.”

As a child, Krug said, he made his own toys, such as a go-kart with a motor from an old Ford vehicle.

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