Building A More Effective Water Meter

UK inventor, Gerry Evans, says that the water meters available today are inaccurate. So, he has invented a better meter that he believes will help people save money.

Mr Evans said while new meters may work perfectly when they are tested on water which does not contain particulates, when they are used on water which does contain them, they regularly fail or under-record.

His meter uses filters which can stop particulates from damaging the meter, therefore allowing it to run for years longer, while also not damaging householders’ domestic appliances and central heating systems.

He says his meter can also be serviced, while present meters have to be thrown away following problems, costing both water companies and ratepayers money.

“In a time when water shortage is becoming a major issue even in the UK and throughout the world, water bills are increasing and we need to carefully manage our resources. There is nothing more important than water.

“Therefore it is essential we have an accurate metering system.”

Photo by Ron Miguel

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