Niche: One-Handed Pool

The Coral Coast Men’s Shed, Michael Garret, was inspired to create a device for easy one-handed pool when his club received a pool table. He couldn’t help but think about how much fun it would be, and wanted to make sure people with disabilities, like those with the use of only one arm, could enjoy the game too. That is when he invented a special cue rest.

“The device is a little cue rest that you can adjust the angle of the rest and when you pick up the pool cue it stays attached to the pool rest.”

Mr Garrett said his prototype had a nylon base and a stainless steel riser that the pool cue sits in.

“It is nothing flash but it does the job,” he said.

“It provides a stable rest and you can really slam the ball as there is enough weight to stabilise and support it.

“I played a couple of games with one arm and it worked really well.”

Photo by Battle Creek CVB

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