‎Bus Driver’s Safety Invention

Hamburg Sun:

As a school bus driver, nothing is more important than the safety of the children on your bus, and thanks to a new invention, the Steffi Crossing Enhancer, that safety is being taken to the next level.

Invented by Lake Shore Central School District bus driver Victoria DeCarlo, a 19-year-veteran, the Steffi is the latest piece of equipment to ensure the safety of the children they are trusted to protect.

“Every day school bus drivers have an issue with kids struggling to see their hand signals when they cross the road,” DiCarlo said. “In New York State, it’s mandatory for drivers to use their forefinger and thumb to cross our students. Drivers have to drag their hand across the windshield, indicating to the kids that it’s safe to cross. What happens is that most of the time they cannot see us and end up standing on the side of the road for longer than need be, which is very dangerous. We have also been running into the issue of kids crossing themselves because they cannot see the drivers’ hand signals. Their lives are literally in our hands.”

DiCarlo believes in the idea of the Steffi so much that she made the prototype during her time off of work. She then named the new device after what she refers to as one of the most dangerous stops along her bus route.

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