Niche Biz: Bacon Freak

Love bacon? Then you’ll really love Bacon Freak, reports The Street. actually has roots in the wine business. Founder James “Rocco” Loosbrock also has a subscription service selling wine. After attending many chefs’ dinners where he would be pitched the latest and greatest sophisticated wine, he realized that customers for the most part are not that sophisticated. He wanted to bring the subscription business model to a simpler dish. He came up with bacon.

“We like the subscription model because being a small business, it’s great for cash flow,” Loosbrock says. “People pre-pay you for an item. In the first few years we would have never survived. I needed the cash.”

Loosbrock emphasizes that his bacon is no ordinary supermarket bacon. “We don’t add water to our product,” he says, which many manufacturers do to up the weight count of the meat. “We hand cut, we hand cure, we rub spices instead of a machine.”

“We’re taking the time to make an artisan product,” he adds.

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