Snake Safety Training

Photo by mikebaird

A Pennsylvania couple has started a business to supplement company’s safety trainings with rattlesnake specific information:

Bob Zumstein has been lecturing on timber rattlesnakes for years and recently had been invited to talk to two Marcellus Shale companies about where workers might encounter these venomous suckers and what they should do if they spot one.

This gave Lisa Olszak, Zumstein’s wife, an idea for a business.

Olszak owns a management consulting business in Pittsburgh, where she spends her weekdays while traveling back to the couple’s home in Bradford on weekends — driving along the footprint of the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania. With her business wheels always spinning, she said, Olszak saw a timber rattlesnake-shaped hole in companies’ safety trainings that she would like to fill.

Photo by mikebaird.

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