The Importance of Proper Office Maintenance

Messy Office

Most people can relate to the feelings of organization and satisfaction that come from having a clean home, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when similar feelings arise when one’s workplace is in order. Accomplishing anything in a messy, cluttered environment is next to impossible. To this end, it is important that business owners understand that a clean working environment is a productive one.

Many businesses tend to underestimate just how vital it is to maintain a clean environment. In fact, most companies put all of the focus on the areas that clients and customers see and pay less attention to those areas dedicated to staff. However, keeping a clean office is an effective way to motivate employees and keep them focused, healthy, and safe.

Poor office maintenance can often lead to health and safety issues for those working in the environment, low employee morale, and may even hurt the company’s sales if visitors or customers catch a glimpse of the mess. A clean office environment should be a priority for business owners, and here’s why.

Greater Efficiency

Being able to work in a clean and organized environment can take a mental load off of employees. Having a clean space can help individuals feel happier and more relaxed, which often translates to more productive workdays. Physical clutter can elicit mental clutter; therefore an orderly space can help an employee stay focused, relaxed, and more productive throughout the day.

Though it may seem unscientific, working in a clean, organized space increases feelings of well-being and improves efficiency because employee morale is boosted. Happy employees are typically the most productive. Business owners and managers should lead by example. Staying committed to the maintenance of a clean and presentable workspace will usually spread throughout the company.

A Healthier Staff

Because so much time is spent in the office it can often become a hotbed of bacteria and germs. Think about how often employees call in sick and then their co-workers do the same a few days later. While it is important for an office to appear clean and clutter-free, it is even more important for it to be hygienic and sanitary.

A clean office should be a priority for any business owners who want their staff to stay healthy and productive. Proper cleaning on a regular basis can help to reduce bacteria and the spread of germs, improve the indoor air quality, and lead to a generally healthier office environment. Safety is also of concern; an employee need not work in a factory operating heavy machinery to be injured at work. A cluttered office can lead to trips and falls that could seriously injure someone, so the less clutter, the safer everyone will be.

Remember, when the workforce is healthy and happy productivity will simultaneously increase and the incidence of sickness will be reduced. The office should be cleaned weekly at the very minimum, with special attention paid to telephones, door handles, computers, keyboards, eating areas, and bathroom to ensure that the spread of germs is minimized. Business owners should also offer education on how to prevent germs from spreading by encouraging hand-washing and routine disinfection.

Improved Company Image

The office or storefront is often the first impression that many customers or clients get when dealing with a particular business. So, when a client walks through the doors, what do they see; are the floors clean; is there a strange odor radiating the air; are the counters, desks, and windows dirty? Clients who see a dirty office will often question the company’s credibility, values, and standards.

It is important to create a positive impression and sense that a company is committed to excellence, efficiency, and quality. A chaotic, disorganized, and dirty office does not convey this message in the least. Show customers a clean office that is put together well and they will feel more inclined to trust the business and its services.

Making Staff Happier Through Office Design

As discussed, the work environment has a direct effect on the happiness and general mood of the staff to such a degree that many businesses are turning to professional office environment consultants in an effort to improve their office space to increase employee morale. This is essential, because the workplace is where many people spend most of their time.

The days of the office cubicle may be numbered. Think about it, going to a small grey windowless room everyday for eight hours can be very detrimental to motivation and mood. There are many things that business owners can do to improve the mood and productivity of their employees, often without spending a significant amount of time or money. For example, simply purchasing artwork for the walls, plants for the empty spaces, and seating workers near windows can make a world of difference.

Making the Process Easy

Cramped conditions, chaos, and clutter are no good for employee morale or productivity, so business owners must take actions to counter these problems. Keeping an office clean, organized, and sanitary can be a job unto itself. Many managers don’t have the time to focus on cleaning, but it is easy to maintain a clean and organized office environment by finding the right contractors and cleaning firms.

There are a number of commercial cleaning services that are dedicated to maintaining offices to the high cleanliness standards required for boosted morale, productivity, and health. There are plenty of options for carpet cleaning in Burlington, Ontario, window-cleaning services, and also general office cleaning. Commercial cleaning services take the hassle, worry, and demand of cleaning away from employees and managers, leaving them the time and resources to focus on their core business activities.

Remember, when the office is clean and everything is in its rightful place, productivity, efficiency, and employee mood are all sure to follow. Considering how much time is wasted because employees are calling in sick, asking each other where things are, and spending time worrying about clutter, it makes sense that a properly organized, clean, and maintained office should be a top priority for all business owners.

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