Close to its one year anniversary, Picanha Na Brasa , a Brazilian BBQ restaurant in Nesconset, is enjoying its location in the marketplace as a niche, one-of-a-kind kitchen.

Manoela Santos, the owner’s daughter, believes the restaurant – located on Smithtown Boulevard for the past 11 months – is in a good location for their growing business.

“There isn’t another restaurant nearby that is like us,” said Santos. “I think since we’re different, it helps a lot.”

Being a restaurant with such a one of a kind flavor, Santos doesn’t feel their establishment continues to face any real competition. Picanha Na Brasa not only adds to the array of international cuisine there is in Nesconset, but also stands out, she believes.

“Business has been good to us,” said Santos. “We probably see about 20 tables per day, but of course the weekends are better.”