As a restaurant manager, you have a difficult job. Often, your employees will demonstrate many of the same behaviors you do. A “do what I say, not what I do” approach to management is almost always a recipe for disaster. Effective restaurant management requires you set the right example, and you to hold yourself to the same standards as you hold your staff to. Not only will this build cohesion with your staff, it will gain their respect in the long term.

Provide the Type of Service You Want Your Employees to Provide

Each restaurant should have standards for all staff members. For front of house staff, standards should include everything from when to refill an empty glass of water to how to calm an irate customer. Service can make a great dining experience for customers, or it can make customers never want to return. It’s relatively easy to enforce standards and correct improper behavior. It’s much more difficult to always be on your best behavior and provide the type of service you want to see your employees provide yourself, no matter what.

You want your employees to provide service with a smile, even if it means addressing an irritating and unusual situation. Consequently, you have to do the same. You will have to be willing to jump in and help with whatever is needed, including mopping the floors during closing when short staffed. You’re not only part of the team; you’re the captain.

Create a Welcoming Environment for Your Staff and Your Customers

Your staff should not dread coming to work every day. It is absolutely crucial that you know what is going on at your location in order to create a positive environment for everyone at the establishment. Be approachable and communicate with staff on a regular basis. Let them feel comfortable around you, and let them have fun at work within reason. Happy and friendly employees tend to provide natural service with a smile. Boost employee job performance by creating the right atmosphere at work.

Always Demonstrate Professionalism

It is important to use appropriate language and have a professional appearance, just like you expect your employees to have. It is important to be friendly and approachable without crossing professional boundaries. You have a leadership role, and you can’t slack off with the rest of the crew to gain popularity points. You also can’t slack off and preach the importance of hard work. Demonstrate behavior that is appropriate at all times while at work. Go have fun and goof off with your own friends on your own time. No one likes a hypocrite as a manager.

Remember Problems Can Be Fixed in a Calm Manner

People are human, and mistakes are going to happen. Orders will get mixed up, plates will be dropped, and customers will be snippy. Naturally, the employee who made the mistake will be as upset if not more upset than the customer who has to suffer the consequences. Yelling at staff kills morale, and it kills the atmosphere of the restaurant. Stay calm, and remember that disgruntled customers rarely prompt an apocalyptic event. Solve the problem instead of getting escalated and making the situation worse.

Show your employees the type of service they should aspire to provide by example. Instead of being the person everyone makes fun of or is terrified of, be the person that everyone looks up to. Lead by example, and earn the respect you deserve.