Inventor Creates No-Frills Water Heating System


In pursuit of such goals, Capetonian Roger Matthews, a master plumber, retreated to his study for two years to devise a system that could help the poor, travellers or even the elite.

He has recently invented a gas heating system that generates unlimited hot water – requiring neither municipal pressure nor energy in the form of electricity.

“I have a Master Plumber’s qualification, Class 1 Ministry of Environmental and gas practitioner licences, so I am fully qualified to take on any multistorey job that requires hot water systems,” Matthews reveals.

To arrest the trend, Matthews spent three months in the Khayelitsha and Philippi townships of Cape Town, experimenting with his invention. Residents there hailed it as a timely innovation.

Matthews used a five-kilogramme gas cylinder, 12-volt battery, a tank and plumbing copper pipes in building a stand-alone system that is ideal for domestic use or by travellers. This user-friendly technology can equally heat seawater in 35 seconds – proof that any form of water could be warmed up by his innovation.

Photo by Scott Akerman

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