It all started with a mom and her son.

A fear of the dark and of nightmares had left Debbie Glickman’s son a little uncomfortable as he was transitioning from his crib to a big bed. Aware of the calming properties that lavender holds, Debbie went looking for a spray that she could use on his bed before he went to sleep at night. It was during this search that she soon found that there was nothing geared directly towards children and their anxieties on the market. So she created her own, Fairytale Wishes.

Tell us a little about Fairytale Wishes, inc. and what inspired it.

Fairytale Wishes is a line of all natural aromatherapy sprays for children developed to help them with common childhood fear and anxieties. I have two children who are now 10 years old and 7 years old. When my youngest was very small and we were switching him from his crib to a big bed, he had terrible fear of having bad dreams and of the dark. I knew of the calming properties of lavender so I went to a bath and body store and found a lavender spray for about $20/bottle and told him it was a spray to have “Sweet Dreams” and it completely conquered his fear.

I did some research and found there was nothing out there specifically targeted to children for fear and anxiety, both of which are extremely common for kids. My wheels started turning and I got to work.

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