Family Finds Niche Selling Scrubs

Chicago Tribune:

Creating a thriving business in this sour economy is a tall order, but one local man has combined technology and ambition into a business plan that is showing promise after only a matter of months.

Combining the convenience of Internet shopping, an ever-expanding medical field and competitive prices, James Bell saw a market niche and has built a nation -wide customer base in a matter of months.

“The site has really taken off in the last month,” he said. “We have had more orders in the last month that the previous two months combined.”

Offering discounts is one way that has generated business early on.

“We offer a 10 percent discount to all students and Facebook friends,” Bell said. “We offer the discount to students because we know how hard things are when you are just starting out. Most students will need to buy scrubs before they have a paying job. Also, we hope by doing this we will gain a customer for the next 30 years.”

One early August morning he found himself lying in bed, his mind consumed with the thought of owning his own online business. Unable to sleep, Bell quietly slipped out of bed and was soon perched in front of the computer screen, searching for information on various Internet businesses.

After several Google searches, a promising link turned up. It was a how-to video on Internet business building. After watching it, Bell joined a program to aid in starting an online business and immediately began devising a business plan.

“At that time I didn’t know what type of business I was going to start, but we decided to give it a try anyway,” Bell said. “After joining the program they gave us a couple of things we needed to do to find a good niche.”

Photo by KBell Concepts.

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