Perfecting The Raised Garden

A few years ago Jill Plumb decided to create a raised vegetable garden. However, she was having trouble. She went into her home, and as she started to put some napkins in a holder a lightbulb went off in her head reports The Sun News.

The MBrace was born. After making that napkin drawing in January 2009, Plumb perfected and patented her invention – a set of metal brackets – before it debuted this year with the slogan “Simply embrace your garden.”

Made of recycled sheet metal, the MBrace makes an instant perfect corner for attractive 16-inch-tall raised beds. Wood planks – such as two-by-fours or two-by-eights up to 12 feet long – slide into the brackets and are held solidly in place.

How to build an MBrace raised bed from Art of the Garden on Vimeo.

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