Making a Business Out of Cotton Candy

Wicked Witch Cotton Candy

The Wicked Witch Cotton Candy Company sells cotton candy at everything from children’s parties to upscale weddings.

The Bradenton Patch has more:

Unlike processed cotton candy sold in chain stores, Wicked Witch Cotton Candy contains no preservatives and can be prepared with either kosher or organic ingredients.

“We offer an array of fully customizable products,” said Jennifer. “We recently catered a Pakistani and Indian wedding with cotton candy colors to match and martini glasses labeled with the newlyweds names.

“We work to give our customers what they want,” she continued. “We recently spun traditional blue and pink flavors at the VIP party for the opening of the Ringling Museum’s vintage poster exhibit and at the same time we can tailor our candy buffet for a child’s princess party.”

Thirteen flavors of spun candy are regularly available. In addition to the traditional pink vanilla and blue raspberry, Wicked Witch spins up everything from cherry to pina colada flavored cotton candy.

“There are a lot of crazy flavors that you can make into cotton candy. I’ve seen beer, whisky, rhubarb and pumpkin pie,” said Jennifer. “Our most popular flavors, and the ones I love, are watermelon, grape and green apple. Our kids are our test kitchen taste testers and they love all our flavors.”

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