Analytics Poised to Change Retail


For years, the different systems by which retail operators managed their operations were unconnected and difficult to organize. Cash registers, accounting and bookkeeping records, customer communication, ordering, and inventory (to name a few) were all discrete systems. It very frequently took many different people to keep track of all of this varied information, and it took a highly efficient team to make sure all of the information was accurate, accessible, and integrated to the larger whole. The whole thing was ripe for a change, but paper records and the limitations of phone and mail communications would allow only so much efficiency. With the advent of internet and communication revolutions, retailers everywhere knew that a change was on the horizon. But when would things change for the better?

Enter Vend, the point-of-sale system (and so much more) that integrates all of these systems into one neat package. Vend is one of the new stream of iPad ready POS systems that you’ve seen popping up in retail establishments everywhere from Starbucks to your neighbor’s yard sale. Square was the first such POS to gather enough market-share to become a household name. But the limitations of the simple app were not enough to manage the day-to-day operations of a more complex retail brand. Vend can handle all of the issues listed above, and more.

Retailers everywhere know the importance of keeping track of the nuances of sales and inventory. Vend provides excellent graphical data expression of what you sell, how much, and when. The custom sales and product reports, as well as eye-pleasing charts, make it easy to see what you have going out of your establishment. Additionally, all of this is done in real time. You no longer have to waste time doing top-to-bottom inventory counting every week. The information you need is just a click away on your phone, iPad, Mac, or PC.

Vend also makes it possible to keep in contact with your customers, without having to use any other source. Much more powerful than a simple contact recording tool, Vend helps you revolutionize the way you deal with your best customers. You can easily keep track of which customers are most loyal to your company, who have provided the most value to your brand. You can then let them know that you appreciate their business and reward them in various ways through Vend’s on-board Loyalty program. All this was possible in the past, but the integration of all of these formerly remote sources of information makes the process much easier and more effective.

This only scratches the surface of the sorts of data you will have access to with Vend. Vend’s stellar customer surface makes it easy to add-on plenty of other apps to the base Vend program, honing it until it is the perfect match for you and the needs of your company. Vend also easily integrates with many existing technologies, including registers, printers, touch-screen, and computers you may already rely upon. Contact Vend today to find out just how their software and analytics digestion techniques can change the way your operate your retail business today.

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