Dance Heads

Dance Heads is a video entertainment vending machine business in a box. It caters to the same crowd as karaoke, but it’s not just a karaoke machine. The system automatically creates professionally produced music videos with your patrons as the stars!

The compact and mobile attraction can be used at weddings, parties, corporate events and fairs, or placed permanently in your nightclub, shopping center or amusement park. No matter where you put it, you’ll have a line around the block of people waiting to try it.

Users can sing-a-song or just laugh and bob their heads to their favorite pop hits, while external monitors on the machine allow waiting customers to watch the videos come together. Once the recording session is over, each user instantly receives a DVD of his performance for home viewing and sharing with friends.

“When we introduced the first Dance Heads machine, for over an hour, the booth was surrounded by a crowd of people and everyone wanted to record their video,” said John LeGuen, the owner of four Dance Heads studios.

Every Dance Heads partner receives:

  • Training and training manuals for the booth
  • Software updates
  • New videos and songs
  • Promotion materials for the business
  • Technical and administrative support from the professionals of the Central Dance Heads office

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Video demo below.

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