The Underwater Scooter

Why drive on land when you can use a scooter underwater?

Andrew Sneath has designed a unique scooter that can take its riders on a drive down under the water instead of above it reports Digital Spy. The scooter, called the HydroBOB, is extremely easy to handle and only requires a short 10-minute session to get the user ready to go.

Sneath said: “With minimal training the rider can cruise the underwater world without the need to wear cumbersome dive equipment.

“Riding HydroBOB is a unique memorable experience of a lifetime. Most riders really enjoy the different perspective of being underwater without the need to wear a mask or breathe from a regulator.”

The scooters are controlled by a trigger on the handlebars and their 12 volt battery can drive the vehicles to speeds of up to two knots. Hydrodome has manufactured 350 HydroBOBs for rental at various sites worldwide, priced at £65 to £90 per hour.

Photo by HydroBOB

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