Petiteetiquette 1

Do your children embarrass you when you take them out to a fancy dinner? The Kensington Hotel in London is now offering etiquette classes for children aged five to 10 “the gamut of table manners – correct posture; how to hold a knife and fork properly; the importance of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’; conversation dos and don’ts – over sandwiches, cakes and tea, it sounded like the answer to my prayers.”

The hotel created the classes after surveying 2,000 parents and discovering that

48 per cent were embarrassed by their children’s table manners, and that 19 per cent have had to leave a restaurant due to their kids’ bad behavior. Worrying about how their offspring will behave in restaurants is apparently the biggest cause of stress for 28 per cent of parents.

I’m sure that these stresses are true on both sides of the Atlantic. Someone should get on this opportunity here, immediately!